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Racer X Cycling Teams

At Racer X Cycling we have teams for all ages and abilities. Take a look at our teams below to see what you think is the best fit for you and your family!

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Join RXC Juniors today for 2024: Space is limited.


These Juniors go out and train hard and give it their all in so many capacities. Junior racing is not for the faint of heart. They find no greater joy than getting out on their bikes and leaving it all on the trails. We have some very talented racers led by Christine Snider, Keith Principe, Peter Rockwood and a host of race tested RXC members.



Road racing in Colorado is the envy of bike racers across the US. We have it all, from the challenging Spring Classics to the epic Hill Climbs.

Our road racing team is comprised of dedicated and serious Men and Women racers competing in all categories from 1 to beginner Cat 5..

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Racer X MTB is lucky to be near some of the best MTB trails in the country.  There are thousands of trails in Colorado, not too far from our front doors. Our team enjoy adventure rides through some of the most magnificent terrain.

Mountain biking is the activity of riding a bicycle on different kinds of off-road trails. It requires endurance, speed, balance and technical skills to navigate through difficult terrain.

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Some folks simply call it “'cross,” cyclocross involves riding a drop-bar bike over a relatively short racecourse featuring a combination of rough terrain, such as deep mud, sand, rocks, and even snow, for several repeating laps. Courses have all sorts of challenges to cross over or climb up. Watching cyclists dismount their bikes to run up stairs and steep embankments often brings questions about how this sport even started!



Racer X Cycling is open to Cat 4 and higher women who share our passion for racing and enjoy the fun and support of a strong team. We offer women’s specific training rides and clinics which are fun and informative for everyone. Our goal is to foster camaraderie and cohesion among our women racers.

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